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The Navy Lark - Characters

(will be added 2 as i re-listen to the episodes)

HMS Troutbridge:

Commander Price

The commanding officer of HMS Troutbridge during the first series. Seemed to spend most of his time battling CPO Pertwee's nefarious schemes and trying to see the inside of Stores. Also delighted in finding ways for CPO Pertwee to contribute to the 'Comfort Fund'. When not foilng the Cheif's plans, Price would be the one to rally the crew against the ever present threat of Commander Povey and his crazy ideas of getting The Crew working on Naval matters!

Commander Murray

Commander of HMS Troutbridge from the second series onwards. Commander Stephen Murray finds himself in charge of the most inept crew and most corrugated frigate in the navy. Later in the run settles down with his dear wife, Rita-kins - the Admiral's daughter.

CPO Pertwee

Cheif Petty Officer Jon (Jonsey) Pertwee. The most sneeky and coniving person the Navy has ever known, well - apart from the rest of his family. If it isnt nailed down or broken chances the Cheif will try and sell it. Supported by various members of the Pertwee clan, his uncle Ebeneezer Pertwee's living was etched by following around the ill fated HMS Troutbridge in a small tug, so that he could tow them off whatever they happened to run aground on or crash into, before opening 'Pertwee's War Surplus Suplies Stores' - guess where the supplies come from!.

Sub Lieutenant Phillips

The man who single handedly keeps Portland Air Rescue in service. SL Phillips is the Cheif Navigations Officer aboard HMS Troutbridgee and his job it is to get Troutbridge where it needs to be. He never actually suceeds, but he tries and makes sure he hits every boat and harbour wall on the way there!. The singal most incompetant naval officer in the service, he uses Noddy's Big Book of Boats as a reference and thinks the plimsole lline is something found on a gym shoe.

Able Seaman Johnson

Poor Fatso had the unenviable luck of being assigned to the Cheif his first day, and was CPO Pertwee's lacky from then on

Able/Leading Seaman Taffy Goldstein

- 'Starboard lookout here'. Always searching for the next promotion, but never quite matching up, apart from a breif stint as Comodore.

Able Seaman Ginger

Able Seaman Tiddy

Lieutenant Bates

Lieutenant Commander Stanton

Commander Bell

Mr Queeg

Troutbridge's intrepid but knowledge challenged launch pilot

The Padre


Commander/Captain Povey

Took over from Commander Shaw in the first episode as the poor sod tasked with trying to keep Troutbridge and her crew and of trouble, and Navy supplies out of The Pertwee Family shops. Had abit of a love/hate relationship with the crew - while he was ever the thorn in their side, he could rely on their help with certain insurmountable problems - or Ramona Povey as shes otherwise known.

WRN Heather Chasen

No. 1's and Captain Povey's long suffering secretary. The early warning signal between Povey's neverending wrath and The Crew. Had the fortune(?) to be engaged to SL Phillips, but thankfully came to her senses.

WRN Penfold (played by Norma Ronald)

WRN Judy Cornwell

Admiral FfontBittocks (The Admiral)

The unstoppable gin drinking machine and (later in the series) Murray's father-in-law.

Commander Shaw

Captain Ignatious Alluitious Atcherson(A AA AAACHOO)

Captain Hardcastle

Captain Ormonroy

Flag Lieutenant Claude Dingle

Dockyard Policeman

If you let Pertwee out on leave, you better ready to get the gates shut quickly to keep out the crowd of people he's ripped off when he returns!

Marvin Ellis - The Director of Naval Expenditure


"This is intelligence speaking"

Commander Bracewell

The Board Meeting:

"So called 'cause they have met, and they are bored..."

The Sea Lord - Lord Quirk

Miss Simpkins

Vice Admiral Ironbridge

Vice Admiral Buttonshaw

Captain Come-up-from-the-ranks

Nato Rep

Vice Admiral Burwasher

Commander Wheatherby

The M.O.D.:

Lt. Burkett and Lt. Deacon

The tennis obsessed pair grudgingly do their work in between games of the beautiful game, but nothing will pull them from a rally. Can often be heard arguing over whos turn it is to buy the ice lollies.

The Pertwee's:

The family Pretwee is spreading through the Royal Navy like a cancer, swallowing all in its path. If theres a highly confidential piece of information, chances are there's a Pertwee to intercept it somewhere - although they havnt got an Admiral - yet!

Uncle Ebeneezer 'Nunkie' Pertwee


Mertle - CPO Pertwee's sister

Lt. Perregrin Pertwee

The Wives:

Mrs Rita Murray

Slightly odd and smelling of horse lotion, Rita-kins is Murray's loving and horse obsessed significant other. Spends a large amount of time with her horse Bouncing Betty, or trying to raise money for horse charities, or thinking about horses!

Mrs Ramona Povey

The Enemies:

The Master

The Mistress

Igor Astrakarnovitch

Natasha Snogitoff


Mrs Jessie Crump - Povey's Mother in Law

Cuthbert ('orrible) Spinks - Ramona Povey's nephew

Morpeth Goldstein - Taffy's Aunt

Sir Willoughby Todhunter Brown

Lady Todhunter Brown

Inspector Burt Tiddy - Customs and Excise Water Guard Service

Lt Pike

Lt Parfet

Lady Quirk

Nasa Colonel

Lucy Doll

Shamus O'Ginsburg - one of Pertwee's numerous debtors